Effective Homeworking and creating Remote Team working: (1-1.5 hours)

Working from home or remotely is a challenge for a large number of people. Often productivity drops off quickly after an initial peak. There are certain “rules” that need to adhered to which will enable the homeworker to sustain productivity and maximise the time available rather than impinge on family/personal time.

The concepts of routine, your immediate environment, time-management and prioritisation, mindset all factor into whether or not people are effective, productive and equally important happy. Linked to this is the fear of people feeling isolated, so what can be done to foster a team ethos when people are forced to work remotely?

We have worked with organisations to develop ‘remote team charters’ that have helped pull teams closer, create collaborative behaviours and create structure for individuals not used to operating from home (and even for many who have just been poor at doing it!).

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