What we do

Do you sometimes feel this is your team or even organisation?

School Report 2008-09
Leadership C Has ability but doesn't put into practice
Coaching B- Attempts but reverts back to tell/command
Managing Performance B- Threats of P45s are de-motivating really
Team Effectiveness C+ Doesn’t exploit the diversity in team
EQ C- EQ-hasn't a clue!
Influence and Persuasion C Why don't people do what you ask?
Sales Effectiveness D At least the call rates are ok! What do you mean 'key account?'

Teachers comments: Not bad, but…….COULD DO BETTER.

It is so disheartening being in the “has potential but…”category. We will work with you to transform you from the Championship “could do better” League, to the “exceeding expectations, high achiever”, Premier League.

How we do it:

We are passionate about Performance, Leadership, Coaching, Learning, Change and Communication.

Building upon Tim Gallwey’s philosophy that:

Performance = Potential – Psychological Interference


Results = Knowledge and Skill – Attitudinal Interference

We make a difference by developing winning attitudes, so that:

School Report 2009-10
Leadership A+ Inspirational, motivational
Coaching A+ Raises awareness, generates responsibility
Managing Performance A+ Develops, rewards and recognises
Team Effectiveness A+ Cohesive celebrates uniqueness
EQ A+ Self motivated, self-directed, self-actualised
Influence and Persuasion A+ People seem to say yes, even to your outrageous requests!
Sales Effectiveness A+ Targets are smashed, not achieved. Key accounts fulfilling their potential

Teachers comments: Make an appointment today to change from average to winning make that difference

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