Performance Associates have been working with many companies to help their new recruits learn.  Many companies are looking to home learning to be more cost-effective, achieve a better work life balance and encourage their staff to take a more pro-active approach to their learning.

Various key points have been identified:

  1. Knowing how well or how poorly you know something is critical to effectively allocating your study time and effort.
  2. The more difficult the material being learned, the worse we tend to be at estimating how well we know it.
  3. Various learning strategies improve our awareness of how well we know something.
  4. Learner attributes are also important, particularly our attitudes to learning and beliefs about our abilities.

The research also suggests that it is not only about learning strategies but also attitudinal attributes.

Performance Associates have developed a intervention that identifies successful learning strategies and gives delegates tools and techniques to help them maximise their effectiveness.

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