11 principles that increase effectiveness when SELLING OVER THE TELEPHONE & E-DETAILING

Are your sales people equipped to sell to their customers virtually?

For salespeople used to selling face-to-face, suddenly being asked to do so over the telephone or computer can be daunting.

There are several well proven principles that if tweaked greatly improve the likelihood of sales success in this very different environment.

Things to consider:

  • Correct planning correlates with sales success more than any other facet of selling and research shows it has an even bigger impact in the virtual sales space. What is the correct approach?
  • The development of a ‘winning mindset’ by cultivating optimism (optimists outsell pessimists by 37% and "realists" by 21% year-on-year)
  • Creating an Ideal Selling State (ISS) that promotes confidence and motivation to maintain a positive mindset after a run of negative responses from customers
  • Build instant rapport to increase commitment in a virtual sales call by 35%
  • Avoid feature dumping by creating value for the customer and selling to deliver that value
  • Don’t ‘handle objections’ avoid them
  • Use Influential language that can increase the likelihood of a customer to say yes by up to 600%
  • Use of specific words that are shown to increase the persuasiveness of a request
  • Recognising and challenge when customers are “being less than honest”
  • Create “authority” with our voice to increase commitment
  • Use of language patterns that promote learning for the sales person and a change in customer behaviour

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