Client Testimonials

Kimberly-Clark launched a new global performance management process based around performance against both results and behaviors.
Performance Associates designed and led a one day classroom program called Coaching for Performance In Europe and America.
We have taken the time to independently evaluate the training on both sides of the Atlantic with outstanding results. In Europe the evaluation confirmed demonstrable business benefit with 69% reporting improved performance in team members who had been coached, and 61% recording less “management time” required as team members became more empowered.  In North America the evaluation showed that 50% of participants reported significant productivity improvements and 34% cited improved employee retention.  Specifically team leaders reported productivity improvements (35%), retention improvements (31%) and sales improvements (25%). The impact of the training was summed up by one participant who commented: “I don’t think coaching builds strength as much as unleashes it”

Rick Woodward, Learning and Development Director, Kimberly Clark

The leadership team and I found the PA staff very professional and knowledgeable. More importantly, however, we felt that they listened to the issues that we wanted to address and then developed a program that provided useful solutions rather than trying to sell us a "one size fits all" program.

We also found it refreshing - even those of us who have been around for a while and through many different similar programs - to have a group come in from the UK to run the program - the examples they had, style and delivery, were "different" to that of consultants in the US.

Steve Thornton, President, SkyePharma Inc.

The success of the Performance Associates Mentoring Workshops has now resulted in this programme becoming the foundation of our UK wide business mentoring programme. This programme has been delivered across our UK Talent Pools and in addition is now a formal development offering when required.

Performance Associates continue to be one of our preferred suppliers for coaching, mentoring, sales training and development centres.

Damion Wonfor, UK Talent Management and Development, Zurich.

Many speakers put on a good show and wear a mask during their public performances. Simon actually 'walks the talk' and models the behaviours he describes. He is authentic, speaks with integrity, and has inspired both myself personally and many of my colleagues. I would thoroughly recommend him as a speaker.

Dave Jenkins, IBM Learning Manager for IMT UKI, IBM.

I found your course to be nothing short of excellent, captivating me from the moment I entered to the moment I left, I would welcome any other courses you run, even if I had to pay at my own expense, and I would most certainly recommend your courses and company to any and everyone I deal with in future.

Alex Scattergood, Site Manager, Sodexo.

A very big thank you for delivering such an excellent session….it certainly delivered our key objectives of being interactive, fun, energized worked brilliantly, everyone was engaged, it was hands-on and also incredibly relevant.

Bernadette Coleman, GSK.

The guys who went on your course have come back enlightened and ready for action, they have, without exception commented that it was the best course they had attaended and, by far the most useful.

Alan Beams, Small Business Centre Manager, Zurich.

I want to say thank you for the excellent course you ran. It gave me an excellent insight into preferred styles raising my own awareness of my style and how to coach others to change their beliefs. I will be running it with my team at the next opportunity.

Jayne Anderton, Janssen-Cilag.

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