Our philosophy

Performance Associates design and deliver training programmes that are aimed at companies, organisations and individuals who are committed to maximising their potential.

Many approaches fail when they attempt to change a person’s behaviour without considering their psychology - how they think and feel about what they are doing.  The consequence is that when stress is introduced, ‘emotional’ rather then ‘logical’ responses often dominate. The net result is usually under performance.

By examining what people ‘feel’ as well as what they ‘think’, it is possible to get much greater commitment from people towards taking appropriate actions that will deliver the desired performance.  This forms the basis of our performance programmes. 

We use tools that are both easy to understand and possibly more importantly, easy to apply.  They are taken from a number of disciplines including Positive Psychology, Sports Psychology, Accelerated Learning, Emotional Intelligence as well as mainstream business school research. The net result is tailored courses designed to fully meet the performance needs of our clients.

We also like to have fun….and lots of it!

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