Conference presentations

Simon Toy has been described as one of the most passionate, dynamic and entertaining speakers in the business world.

Addressing organisations throughout Europe, America, Middle East and Australasia, Simon has a proven ability to deliver bespoke presentations that educates, motivates, inspires and entertains.

His passion for performance and why some people exceed, whilst others with the same potential fail, was initially sparked in the competitive sporting arena.  He realised there are definable strategies of mindset and behaviour that that can propel an average performer towards excellence.  Simon transferred this knowledge into the business world where he succeeded in organisations such as Xerox, PepsiCo and Mars.

As a conference speaker, Simon has developed a huge reputation within his specialist field; his ability to be both educational and motivational enables him to fully engage his audience.  On stage, Simon’s energy, passion, insight and great sense of humour creates a massive impact; he is also able to give strong messages to the audience in tandem with tools and techniques acting as a catalyst for positive change

Simon will integrate your key company messages into his presentation and use your language and company examples so the key-note resonates with the audience’s business world.

Clients that Simon has delivered key-notes presentations for, include: Kimberly-Clark, BAA, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Solvay, Zurich Financial, 3M, Meda Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Compass Group, Lundbeck, Securicor, Bristol Myers Squibb, SkyePharma, IBM, Sodexo, DVLA and several HR conventions.

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