Who We Are

Performance Associates - What you’ll experience with Performance Associates, you won’t find in a book or by-the-numbers seminar.  Our starting point is the recognition that every individual, and every organisation, is unique.  We craft learning experiences tailored to the needs of specific clients on specific courses.  As our own range of consultative work continues to expand, we draw on an ever-wider base of real world experience to incorporate into developing dedicated training solutions. 

We are interested in identifying and utilising critical distinctions between mediocre performers and those who truly excel.  How do those high-achieving performers do what they do?  Our expertise is in identifying the Performance Associates of their behaviours and thought patterns – and distilling them into formats that can be learned and applied rapidly and effectively.

We have developed an eclectic approach that draws on practical and verifiable methods used by world-class athletes, gifted leaders, successful entrepreneurs and visionary thinkers.  The result?  A tried and tested way to enhance your existing capabilities and go beyond them into whole new realms of high performance, with significant personal and professional implications.

Performance Associates brings together highly skilled and capable trainers with wide-ranging experience of the private and public sectors, and with different influences and approaches.  Based on the response of individuals and businesses we’ve worked with, these courses are designed to help maximise personal performance, and increase organisational effectiveness.

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