In-Call EI Sales Development

In an ever changing environment businesses have to remain agile and quickly respond to market forces. With niche brands replacing mega brands, key stakeholders becoming harder to see and the need to gain an accurate insight into those individuals, it is imperative that every customer interaction is maximised.

Our research clearly indicates that Emotional Intelligence plays a critical role in customer interactions and needs to be developed in sales teams. When supported by Emotionally Intelligent sales managers and Emotionally Intelligent coaching combined with Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, organisations can increase sales, growth and profit

  • Emotionally Intelligent leaders have increased growth by 7% and profit by 29%
  • Emotionally intelligent sales coaching has increased sales by 8-10% annually
  • Emotional Intelligence is critical in over 70% of the factors responsible for sales success

Performance Associates (PA) was tasked with developing the Sales Effectiveness for a client by focussing on the development of their Emotional Intelligence (EI) in selling

The objective of the programme was to increase sales above the current sales trend

Each representative was assigned their In-Call, Performance Associates EI Sales Coach for the duration; this partnership stayed together for the entire intervention

Sales increased above the previous quarter’s sales trend after just one month, and continued to increase until the end of the programme

Contact: to find out how Performance Associates has increased client sales with an EI approach and see how your business would benefit too.

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